It’s not a phase – it’s my life. It’s not a hobby – it’s my passion. It’s not for everyone… but it’s for me…

Lady Hunter.

Africa ❤️  You can view a landscape and believe you have witnessed the hand of God. You can watch the slow lope of a lioness and forget to breathe. You marvel at the tripod of a giraffe bent to water. There is no place quite like the continent of Africa. From its scorching deserts to its untamed savannas and its bustling cities, it captivates with its sights, scents, sounds, and tastes. A magical place like no other.

Our family safaris are designed to show the best of Africa. We tailor trips for solo huntresses, couples, families and or in groups. On booking your hunt with us, we will ensure that we meet your dreams and request for your safari. Red Ivory Safaris don’t bring gender in account for setting up a safari, but rather listen to our clients real need, desire and message to us, as this will enable us to do just what the safari need to produce for such an special and magical event… a true story book safari. We do understand that women love the finer detail and a little extra softer touch to the venue, makes all the difference. If so required we can offer you an experienced female professional hunter to assist and guide you through your African safari.

Each family is unique in so many ways, each have their own goals, requirements and dreams of what Africa should be for them. Whether you are a solo hunter, hunt as a couple, as a family or within a group, lets share some ideas and thoughts, as we would like to consider all information before we make you an offer for your safari to Africa. Good number of days for a safari might be around 1 arrival day, 5 hunting days, 3 days for touring/traveling and photo safari and 1 day for departure… a total of 10 days… any changes to the total hunting days is possible… tailor made safaris to fit each individual. In the cases with the young hunters we spent some meaningful time on the shooting range, adults will accompany the younger generation for assistance and guidance… this become the ultimate family time spend together in the African bush, for the husband, wife and the kids.

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Don’t waste precious time, hunt as a family together, combine your safari with some holiday events… take only the most you can get from your African hunt – only with Red Ivory Hunting Safaris& Safari Lodges.