Red Ivory Hunting Safaris: also organize Bird Hunting for Doves, Pigeons, Guinea Fowl, Francolin, Ducks & Geese. It is a nice change to the normal hunting for antelope. 2 or 3 days Bird Hunting can easily be combined with a normal hunting Safari. Most Wingshooting is conducted in agricultural areas like sunflower field and maze fields. The best time for Bird hunting is April – August.

Wing shooting Delight:

    • A Different Rhythm: For a refreshing change from antelope hunts, we present Wing shooting. Picture yourself amidst sunflower fields and maize crops, tracking DovesPigeonsGuinea FowlFrancolinDucks, and Geese.

    • Blend with Safari: Extend your safari by 2 or 3 days for this exhilarating experience. Wingshooting seamlessly complements our regular hunts.

    • Season of Flight: The best time for bird hunting is from April to August – when the skies come alive with feathered grace.

Pricing and Inclusions:

    • Flexible Add-On: Enhance any hunt by adding 1 to 3 days of bird hunting. The cost is €450 per day, per hunter. For groups of 4 hunters or more, it’s €400 per day, per hunter.

    • Ammunition: Please note that ammunition is not included in the price.

    • All-Inclusive: Rest assured, taxes and permits are seamlessly woven into the package.

At Red Ivory Safaris, we don’t just offer hunts; we orchestrate symphonies of adventure.

Namaqua Sandgrouse

Cape Shoveler

Yellowbilled Duck

Hottentot Teal



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