Price is what you pay. Value is what you get…

Unlock Your Safari Adventure: Request Our Price List

To receive our comprehensive price list, simply send an email to our office. We encourage you to include essential details:

  • Number of hunters
  • Non-hunters accompanying you
  • Intended species for your hunt
  • Any extra activities you’re interested in

This personalized approach ensures that your safari aligns perfectly with your needs. Remember, the price list isn’t the sole measure of a great outfitter. While cost matters, it’s the quality of your experience that truly counts. At Red Ivory Safaris, we’re committed to making your safari unforgettable – whether you’re chasing trophies or creating memories.

  • After receiving a signed contract from our office, with the details, Terms and Conditions agreed upon by all parties involved, our office will lead you through all the following steps.
  • Download our Safari Reservationform on the Forms page, fill it in and sent it to our office. This information will ensure that we got all the necessary information regarding your hunt.
  • Following steps would be booking your airline tickets and making your deposit towards your safari.

We would also refer to our Terms and Conditions page if you have any questions please send us an email or call us so we can discuss them with you.  We do not hide any costs or surprise you with added expenses after you start your hunt.  You can contact us several ways which are described on our Contact Us page.

Value is more expensive than price…