Preparator in South Africa.

Without doubt South Africa host some world renowned Preparators. They are born here, grow up here and understand Africa’s wildlife… Don’t let cost be your indicator for choosing your Preparator… you have time after the safari to make the final payments. Choose wisely.

Highveld Taxidermist South Africa First Class Taxidermist Europe Africas Best Taxidermist South Africa Safari Taxidermy South Africa Trophy Import Agent Europe

Africa Sky Guest House

Close to the Airport, a mere few minutes drive is this comfortable and very stylish guest house that carry the rhythm of the African soul. If you have some shopping or just want to have the feel of an African big City, this is the place to stay. You can book 1 or more nights before or after your safari..

Africa Sky Guest House

Visa, Passports and Rifle Permits.

Please make sure about travel regarding Visa and Passport requirements for all countries travel through, to and on return countries.

General Information: 

Visa Requirements per Country:

Hunting Rifle Import/Export Permits: 

Professional Camera Man

Hire a Professional Camera Man, get your complete hunt edited into a full HD movie of between 30 min to 45 minutes, depending on the length of your Safari.

High end equipment used, with some years of experience.

Equipment used: Canon FX200 Video Camera, Canon XA11 Video Camera. Sennheiser audio equipment, and Surp genie Sliders… edited on newest updated editing programs.

Fees: €175 per day, and €50 per day editing.

References available on Request. Videos on the Red Ivory Safaris website is also done from Safari South. Contact: or on email:

Contact  Red Ivory Safaris at

Rifles / Shotguns and Ammo

It is always the best option to use your own rifles, for reason obvious to any hunter. But as there might be traveling problems for some, and for other who want to travel light, we do have various calibers in different models and configurations. Our Rifles are manufactured from either USA  or Europe. All rifles are fitted with quality optics that fit each rifle and caliber perfectly. Only premium bullets will be available for use in either expanding or solids. You will also have the change to fire your hired rifle as many shots as you deem necessary to ensure you comfortable with it.

pdf - Covid Safety & Health

Covid 19 Safety and security

Arrival: A negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test certificate not older than 72 hours before your departure flight from home/from the country of origin. On arrival in South Africa you will be required to fill in the digital Travel Health Questionnaire form.

Departure: The same steps needed, 72 hours before your departure flight back home, you will need to present a negative PCR certificate and fill in the digital Travel Health Questionnaire form.

Once you had booked your safari with us, our office will lead you to all the necessary documents and other protocols to expect and needed to be taken and taking care of. We will assist and do as much possible to assist our clients in this matter. Remember everyone on the airplane had been tested negative.

Banks & Payments

Red Ivory Safaris except currency in USA $ and Euro € only. these currency can be paid in cash or by a bank transfer.


  1. If not possible to do it in cash then a online deposit by PayPal is possible… you can find the PayPal link under the General Info link under Online Deposit and on our Contact Us page.
  2. Another option is to receive from our Office an Invoice with referred deposit as agreed upon.  Our Office sent you an online PayPal Generated Invoice, upon receiving this invoice it will be possible to do an online payment using any of your bank cards. The system will provide you with proof of payment.
  3. Third option is to visit your nearest bank that is able to do International Bank Transfers. We will provide you with full bank details.
  4. Very Important is that before leaving your home country, is to inform your bank on your intended travel plans and countries where you possibly can use your bank cards… keep your reference number.
  5. On the last day of your Safari, you can pay the outstanding balance by either cash (USD $ or Euro €) or use our Electronic Online Card Swipe Device.
  6. On all payments not in cash, there will be a 4% surcharge.

Bow Hunting

We have all the hides, movable, tree,  ground and pit hides. No Permits needed. Discuss with us your needed setup.

Booking a Safari

At first some conversation will follow, by email or any other means, Red Ivory Safaris will make the hunter an official offer. If the client except the offer a contract will be signed on the agreement. With a signed contract the following step is to follow through with the booking dates in buying a airplane ticket and make a deposit towards your hunt.

  1. We will need copies of all documents as a back-up on your arrival.
  2. Make sure you travel with a document that’s been signed with your Police Department that the specific rifle, you the owner of such rifles… you will need it in South Africa. This is above your rifle license.
  3. Down load from our web-site the Invitation to Hunt Document, fill it in as you will need it when visiting the Police Station in your country to obtain these documents.

Safari Holiday – Photo Safari

We can offer you a Quality Holiday Safari in Africa. The options are limitless, tell us what you have in mind, and we will construct just that plus more for you. On a Hunting Safari in Africa, it does not cost that much extra to add 1 or a few days extra to your safari… you already in Africa. We have the necessary vehicles and equipment for transport plus we know all the places, and also the best places that is not overcrowded by tourist.

On top of this page, and some other pages of this website, you can find Buttons to follow on pages and pdf pages for Holiday Safari, or Extra activities. Look through the Buttons and you will find information for Kruger National Park, other Game Parks, Cape Town plus other interesting towns as George, that is full of attractive activities for the family who truly want to enjoy the African sun.

Charter Flights

Request from our office for a charter plane quote. The quotes start at €2000 return flight for the plane, the price is not per person. The size of the group will dictate the plane to use. Some dates have very low rates on flights cost due internal flight routes… you might get you flight at 50% of standard rates… this is a typical safari flight and the plane will land in the hunting area…