The eye never forgets what the heart has seen

Make the best of your Safari to Africa

The options for other activities to choose from is as wide as the opportunities Africa offers. Going carefully through these pages, download some informative pages on our pdf platforms will give you some valuable information, perspective and ideas to use, as to enable you to plan your safari to what you had in mind. 
If you so required you are welcome to add  1 to 3 or more days to your hunting safari. It is also possible to do any number of hunting days, and add any number of days for holiday safari in Africa… each activity will indicate the number of days as a minimum to add for each activity. 
On planning your safari, get in contact with our office, we would like to assist, and according to your group requirements we will make you an personal offer for your safari request, as each individual request differ in various ways. 

Mesmerizing Beauty

A scenic beauty like never before

Planning = Remember!!

On planning your Holiday Safari, it is always good to remember of the following conditions as it might influence your wishing list.

  1.  South Africa is not the biggest country, but it is going to take a lot of driving to travel from one side of the country to the other side.
  2. All  these activities is not in close range of each other. On planning it is good to see where you hunt will start and end. There will be many very interesting activities in close range to the hunting area. Between activities there is travel time. In some cases flying can be an option.
  3. Traveling in South Africa you will be able to use your Bank Card and Credit Card at most shops if not all. Shops, Restaurants does not take cash in Euro or USD, only card or South African Rand. You will be able to use your bank cards to withdraw money at any Bank ATM.

Africa on Your Finger Tips

We believe our site to be your best possible entry-point to the Southern African continent.

To put it simply, we specialize in dreams. Southern Africa is a wonderland of travel possibilities for the intrepid traveler to explore and we pride ourselves on showcasing only the finest superior hotels and lodges on our site. We offer a wide range of travel options and tailor-made holidays in a variety of beautiful African countries, we keep in mind the travelers budget and offer you the not over populated tourism attractions, As an native to Africa, we know where to go to get the best possible.

Africa is a treasure-trove of magical destinations, from tropical palm-fringed islands, to fertile plains teeming with wildlife. This magnificent panorama is alive with adventure there for you to explore. We have searched Southern Africa to ensure that we include only the finest world class resorts and 5-star hotels in our list of African destinations

Take a 1 kilometre Zip-line over the ocean, or come close to Africa’s biggest, or a balloon ride over your most interested activity and have a top view, or simply end the day with a perfect seat to view an African sunset… over diner table with good wine and good friends.


Fine cuisine, complemented in comfortable accommodation, set the atmosphere for your African Dream.