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“Discover Our Exclusive Hunting Paradises”

At Red Ivory Safaris, we’re committed to providing the ultimate environment for your hunt. Our portfolio boasts several meticulously curated hunting areas, each offering a unique blend of terrain and wildlife. On our website, you’ll find captivating photos that showcase these pristine landscapes – the very heartbeats of our safaris.

Diverse Regions, Exclusive Access: Our hunting grounds span various regions, each with its own character. Some areas are privately owned, while others are reserved exclusively for Red Ivory Safaris clients. We take pride in securing large, vast hunting areas – each booked exclusively by one group at a time.

Familiar Territory: These concessions have been explored by Red Ivory Safaris before; we know them intimately. However, it’s essential to understand that not all 60+ species we offer can be found in a single hunting area. Ecology, habitat dispersal, and other factors play a role. For specific species and requirements, reach out to our office or connect directly with Andre.

Welcome to our world of adventure – the wild awaits.

Please also make sure about species on the CITES list, that will need special permits well before your departure date.

“Explore Malaria-Free Wilderness: Where Adventure Meets Safety”

Most of our safari areas are blessedly malaria-free, ensuring peace of mind as you immerse yourself in the wild. For those rare regions with a risk of malaria, our detailed information sheet—shared with you—will provide clarity. Our office stands ready to assist with any formalities, ensuring a seamless experience. When addressed appropriately, the risk becomes manageable—a small price to pay for the thrill of the hunt.

Our Premier Hunting Destinations:

  • Namibia: Vast landscapes, rugged beauty, and a tapestry of species await.
  • South Africa: The crown jewel of Southern Africa, offering unparalleled variety and abundant game.
  • Zimbabwe: Untamed wilderness, ancient baobabs, and legendary encounters.
  • Mozambique: Coastal charm, dense forests, and untrodden paths.

South Africa: Currently, it reigns as the top destination—a hunter’s paradise. Why? The sheer diversity of species and their numbers make every pursuit unforgettable.

Photo Galleries: Explore our visual narratives—the soul of each area captured in pixels. Let the images ignite your wanderlust and beckon you to the heart of adventure.

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