Andras Stohl on a Buffalo Safari in Africa

To go on Safari once again… – Karen Blixen

The Marvel of Africa

Buffalo Hunting: Where Wilderness Beckons

In the heart of densely wooded realms, where majestic mountains kiss the sky and curvy rivers weave their tales, Red Ivory Safaris stands apart – a cut above the rest. Our canvas is painted with a variety of ecosystems, each offering a unique stage for the ultimate pursuit: the buffalo.

The Trail Begins:

  • Fresh Tracks: Our buffalo hunts commence with a keen eye on the ground. We seek out fresh tracks near waterholes or where roads intersect. These telltale signs guide our way.
  • On Foot Pursuit: Once discovered, we follow these ancient paths on foot. The pulse quickens – the chase is on. Our hunters become part of the wild rhythm.

The Untamed Herd:

  • No Names, No Tame Bulls: Our buffalo roam free, untethered by names or domestication. You won’t find yourself facing a docile breeding bull. We honor the wild spirit.
  • The Authentic Hunt: This is how buffalo hunting should be – an echo of primal instincts, a dance between predator and prey. Every hunter’s dream unfolds here.

Size Matters, but So Does the Thrill:

  • Cost Equality: At Red Ivory Safaris, the cost remains consistent across all sizes. Whether you pursue a 44-inch bull or a rare giant, the thrill knows no bounds.
  • Elusive Giants: Understandably, these colossal bulls aren’t commonplace. They don’t reveal themselves around every bend. But when they do, the earth trembles.

A Better Price, a Noble Quest:

  • Old Bulls, New Opportunities: For those who seek the essence of buffalo hunting, we present our smaller bulls at a more favorable price. It’s about the inches, not the compromise.
  • Quality Assurance: Our hunting grounds yield quality buffalo. We meticulously monitor their numbers. Sustainability is our creed, and the herd thrives.

Join the Heritage League:

  • Red Ivory’s Legacy: Become part of our storied lineage. Book your buffalo hunt in a premier safari area. Here, exclusivity reigns – each hunt is tailored for groups or solo hunters.
  • Whispers of Africa: A Safari Awaits! As the sun ascends, igniting untamed horizons, you’ll find yourself on hallowed ground – a place where legends stride. The buffalo, Africa’s untamed soul, awaits your visit – a communion of primal forces, a dance with destiny.

    Your Quest Awaits: Visit Red Ivory Safaris. Let the wilderness inscribe your name upon its ancient scrolls.

    “But remember, my friend, the true magic lies in the shadows – the secrets whispered by the wind, the footprints that vanish with the dawn. What awaits you beyond the veil? Only the wild knows”.

At Red Ivory Safaris, we don’t just hunt; we honor the ancient pact between man and beast.

An Old Buffalo bull

One broken horn, this is one magnificent buffalo bull, any hunters dream bull, if this kind of buffalo trophy is on your list, please contact us for further arrangements.

used buff

Chase Shadows, Capture Legends: Hunt the African Buffalo

Buffalo – Photo Slider

buffalo p

“Buffalo Realm: Where the Wild Roams Free” Feel the pulse of the untamed—a symphony of hooves and dust. Welcome to the Buffalo Realm, where legends tread and primal echoes linger.

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