Andras Stohl on a Buffalo Safari in Africa

To go on Safari once again… – Karen Blixen

The Marvel of Africa

We hunt buffalo in fairly dense areas. Majestic mountains, curvy rivers and a variation of ecosystems, set the platform for Red Ivory Safaris, a few levels above the rest. A buffalo hunt will most likely start by looking for fresh tracks at water holes or crossing of the road. When we find tracks, we follow it on foot. Hunting takes place in big areas. All our buffalo are wild, they don’t have names and you will also not be left with no other option but to shoot the tame breeding bull that needs to make space for new blood. Never! 

This will provide the opportunity to hunt buffalo the way it should be done in the first place, and in the way every hunter dreams about. A Buffalo hunt with Red Ivory Safaris cost the same for all sizes, up to 44″ is possible, and if you are lucky even above, but as any hunter will understand, those bulls are not around every corner.

For the hunter that don’t mind the inches and would like the opportunity to hunt an old buffalo bull, we put forward our smaller bulls at a much better price.  This hunting area produce quality buffalo, and the numbers are closely monitored. At this stage we restrict the hunt to 30 bulls per year. This number seem to be sustainable, and the numbers are increasing at a healthy rate. These buffalo are completely wild.

Become part of the Red Ivory hunting Safaris & Safari Lodges Heritage league, book your buffalo hunt in a premier safari area, all hunts booked are exclusively per group or the solo hunter.

An Old Buffalo bull

One broken horn, this is one magnificent buffalo bull, any hunters dream bull, if this kind of buffalo trophy is on your list, please contact us for further arrangements.

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