Accommodation and Cuisine

Fine cuisine, complemented by comfortable accommodation, set the atmosphere for your African Dream.

Our safari camps offer accommodation of the highest standard and comfort, Discover tranquility and beauty at our hunting safari lodge, where peacefulness is paramount. Our hospitality goes beyond expectations, catering to your individual needs with a personalized touch. 

Indulge in diverse menus crafted to delight your palate. Additionally, our proximity to hospitals ensures a safe and secure environment, combining the thrill of the hunt with a  haven of comfort.

All rooms are private and have en-suite bathrooms, with hot and cold running water, and flush toilets. Camp staff will ensure that rooms are clean, tidy and laundry is done on a daily basis. 

 Explore our collection of lodges tailored to specific species and diverse landscapes. Whether it’s a majestic big game safari or a thrilling bird-hunting experience, each lodge is strategically located for optimal encounters with your chosen species. Immerse yourself in the unique ecosystems and habitats, ensuring an unforgettable adventure tailored to your preferred hunting experience.

Book your stay now for a truly refined experience in the heart of the wilderness. Please sent us an email at  with all your dietary requirements, or you can fill in our Safari Reservation form online and sent it to us. This form contain all the necessary information to make sure your safari is the most memorable safari in Africa.