The earth has music for those who listen…

Red Ivory Hunting Safaris & Safari Lodges – owner, outfitter and also professional hunter Andre Wiese, were born and raised in South Africa, and from a young age were always busy with hunting, fishing and outdoor activities… following the footsteps of active and involved parents, there were no other model worthy to follow in Andre’s career.

In the years to follow, soon Andre realizes that the Safari industry have a vital and very important link to it, the client himself. And to this day Andre’s philosophy and understanding regarding the safari industry is that trophies, the food, the accommodation, the cuisine but not limited to these only, are playing a vital and important part of which quality trophies might play the biggest role, but most importantly, it will always stay a people’s business… the Safari industry is a people’s business, and every team player in the Red Ivory Safari team had to understand that and believe in that with its own unique mind set. For this simple reason, you will find a group of very interesting people working together as a team… maybe not to be found anywhere else.

Established in 1996; Red Ivory Safaris since have traveled across Southern Africa and visited many places. In this time it was imminent to take note of hunting areas that will support and provide the needed resources to make a lifelong safari dream come true. Soon in the Red Ivory Safari career it was clearly evident that no small hunting area can support good and constant trophy quality over an unknown length period of time.  And secondly no single 10 000 hectares of hunting area can support a good variety of species and trophy quality without feeling the hunting pressure at some point in the future.

With all these in mind it become very clear that to support the dreams of the trophy hunter with exceptional trophy quality on a constant basis the success of a Safari company like Red Ivory Safari will need to hunt vast, big and open hunting blocks, which host many species and the number of each species are in abundance… as the saying goes, big trophies is a numbers game. Bigger is better.

  • Our trophies don’t have names.
  • Out trophies don’t have ear tags.
  • Our trophies are completely wild and human feeding, touching free.
  • You will not be forced to hunt the breeding bull out of the only herd, without other options.
  • Our hunting blocks have a healthy number of trophies that gives the hunter to opportunity to select his trophy under the set conditions for the time the hunt took place.