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Red Ivory Hunting Safaris & Safari Lodges

Welcome to Red Ivory Hunting Safaris & Safari Lodges!

“Step into the untamed wilderness of South Africa, where adventure awaits. We invite you to embark on a journey with us – a journey where seasoned expertise meets the thrill of the chase.”

“Our commitment to conservation and sustainable practices ensures an unforgettable experience for hunters seeking authenticity amidst South Africa’s breathtaking landscapes.

“Allow us to introduce Andre, the visionary force behind Red Ivory Safaris.” “As the owner, outfitter, and professional hunter, Andre brings over two decades of expertise and a profound passion for ethical hunting to the heart of South Africa.” “Born and raised in this wild land, Andre’s love for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors began at a very young age.” “Renowned for going above and beyond, Andre is dedicated to making each hunt a personalized journey, tailored to the unique preferences and desires of our clients.” “With a keen eye for the wild and an unwavering commitment to conservation, Andre embodies the spirit of responsible hunting – a harmonious blend of tradition and sustainability.” About Red Ivory Safaris: “Since our establishment in 1996, Red Ivory Safaris has crisscrossed Southern Africa, exploring its diverse landscapes.” “Our quest for exceptional trophy quality led us to vast, big, and open hunting blocks.” “These blocks host an abundance of species, ensuring that every hunter’s dream becomes a reality.”

Trophy Quality and Authenticity: Our trophies don’t bear names; they are anonymous legends of the wild. No ear tags, no markings – just pure, untamed beauty. At Red Ivory Safaris, we celebrate the essence of completely wild trophies. We believe in choices, not constraints. You won’t be pressured to hunt the breeding bull from the only herd. Instead, we offer a variety of options. Our hunting blocks are teeming with life, ensuring that every hunter has the freedom to select the best trophy possible.

The Red Ivory Experience: Step into the wild alongside Andre, seasoned guide and the heart of Red Ivory Safaris. With Andre and our skilled team, your adventure transcends mere hunting—it becomes a curated masterpiece. At Red Ivory Safaris, we blend tradition, sustainability, and the thrill of the chase to create an unforgettable journey.