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Welcome to Red Ivory Hunting Safaris & Safari Lodges, where the wild whispers secrets and every footprint tells a story. Here, the sunsets paint the sky in fiery hues, and campfires crackle with tales of old. But this isn’t just a hunt—it’s a symphony of senses, a blend of seasoned expertise and primal awe.

Our trophies don’t have names; they are anonymous legends—the embodiment of wildness. No ear tags, no markings – just the raw essence of Africa. And when you step onto our vast hunting blocks, you’ll feel the pulse of life – the heartbeat of a land teeming with possibilities. Here, you won’t be forced to hunt the breeding bull from the only herd; instead, we offer choices – the best trophy, the perfect moment frozen in time. 

Red Ivory Safaris isn’t just about hunting; it’s about reverence. As the sunsets paint the sky, stars emerge – one by one, like diamonds scattered across the velvet canvas. This is your symphony – a blend of adrenaline and awe. Tradition dances with sustainability, and every footfall echoes through eternity.

Welcome, fellow hunter of wildness. The chase begins, and the wilderness whispers your name.


on safari

Upon your arrival at camp, take a moment to settle in. Refresh with a soothing shower, rest, and soak in the African sun – if it graces us with its presence, we’ll zero and recheck the rifles. Each morning, savor a hearty breakfast – loaded with protein or, if you prefer, a lighter fare of fruit, toast, tea, and juice.

From camp, we embark in well-maintained hunting vehicles, venturing into the heart of our wilderness. The safari car carries essentials: bottled water, juice, and sodas for those who crave a touch of sweetness. And yes, there are snacks – because every adventure deserves a tasty interlude.

Tracking Legends

Our hunts begin with a search for fresh tracks – perhaps near water holes or where roads intersect. When we find them, we follow on foot. Sometimes, the tracks lead us across roads, weaving a silent narrative of the wild. Early mornings reveal possibilities – a hint of a trophy waiting to be discovered. While distant sightings are rare (our terrain is rich with trees, rivers, mountains, and valleys), the thrill lies in the pursuit – the heartbeat of Africa echoing in every step.

“Where Legends Roam, and Dreams Take Aim”

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“Unlock Your Safari Adventure: Where Legends Roam and Dreams Take Aim”

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Exquisite Grandeur

Rarefied: Elevated, exclusive, and exceptional

used buff


Grandiose: Evoking magnificence, impressiveness

Award winning short video – a must watch – “Africa is a state of mind”.

Secure Your Safari Legacy”: Capture memories that will echo through generations—a legacy of awe, respect, and conservation

the ultimate safafari heritage

If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari once again. Karen Blixen.

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Some of the areas we hunt are vast big open areas were big and dangerous game roam freely. It does happen from time to time that certain species came up for hunting on short notice. Some animals causing life threatening problems or being a problem to crops or related issues, These animals need to be shot in the shortest time frame possible, due to the nature of the problem. These animals can be Elephant, Hippopotamus, Lion and species similar to these. It can happen that these species have CITES export permits, but often not. As these animals had to be hunted down as soon as possible… this bring it to that hunters can provide their contact details to be put on the waiting list, as to when ever such a problem came up, we contact possible hunters from this waiting list, who can arrive in a short time… this time frame implies few days up to some weeks… trophy prices are normally at a friction of the real trophy price… and basically cover the operational cost. The call for these problem animals normally came without warning. This will be typically the hunter that can leave his comfort zone within a few days… 7 days is a good number of days… there is no obligation to take up this hunt when presented… as it originate as an offer. These hunts will be completely legal.

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