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  • Established in 1996, Red Ivory Safaris have since traveled across Southern Africa and visited many places. It become very clear that to support the dream of the trophy hunter for an exceptional trophy quality on a constant basis, Red Ivory Safari need to hunt vast, big and open hunting blocks, which host many species and the number of each species are in abundance. 

    • Our trophies don’t have names.
    • Out trophies don’t have ear tags.
    • Our trophies are completely wild.
    • You will not be forced to hunt the breeding bull out of the only herd, without other options.
    • Our hunting blocks have a healthy number of trophies that gives the hunter the opportunity to select the best trophy available.

    Step into the wild with Andre as your guide and the Red Ivory Safaris team, and experience the thrill of the chase. At Red Ivory Safaris, your adventure is not just a hunt; it’s a curated masterpiece crafted by the skilled hands of the Red Ivory Safaris team


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After your arrival in camp, you can settle in, have a shower, a rest and if you are comfortable with enough sunlight available, we can zero and rechecking the rifles. Each morning you will have the opportunity to a full breakfast loaded with enough protein, or if desired so, fruit, toast, tea and some juice… From camp we drive of in well maintained hunting vehicles, to find a desirable hunting area, on the safari car will be bottled water, juice and some sodas, for those who need the extra sugar… and then also some snacks for your enjoyment.

Normally a hunt start after a successful search for fresh tracks at water holes, or crossing roads are found, for fresh tracks and when founded, we follow them on foot. We can also find fresh tracks crossing the roads… find fresh tracks early morning that indicating a possible trophy we have a starting point to start the hunt. It can be possible to see the required trophy in the distance, but it does not often happen as our areas are loaded with trees, rivers, mountains and valleys…

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If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari once again. Karen Blixen.

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Some of the areas we hunt are vast big open areas were big and dangerous game roam freely. It does happen from time to time that certain species came up for hunting on short notice. Some animals causing life threatening problems or being a problem to crops or related issues, These animals need to be shot in the shortest time frame possible, due to the nature of the problem. These animals can be Elephant, Hippopotamus, Lion and species similar to these.

It can happen that these species have CITES export permits, but often not. As these animals had to be hunted down as soon as possible… this bring it to that hunters can provide their contact details to be put on the waiting list, as to when ever such a problem came up, we contact possible hunters from this waiting list, who can arrive in a short time… this time frame implies few days up to some weeks… trophy prices are normally at a friction of the real trophy price… and basically cover the operational cost.

The call for these problem animals normally came without warning. This will be typically the hunter that can leave his comfort zone within a few days… 7 days is a good number of days… there is no obligation to take up this hunt when presented… as it originate as an offer.

These hunts will be completely legal.

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