Pricelist 2016:

For reduced rates and possibly a "no daily fees"  for wives please email us and we will take you through the process.   The amount of discount for wives if possible will depend on what and where you hunt. This is strictly controlled as margins for different hunts may vary and conditions thereof. Qualifying factors may include in general the following.

-          Minimum two hunters per hunt.

-          10 hunting days with at least 5 animals per group.

Please down load our Safari Reservation form on the Forms page, fill it in and sent it to our office. These information will ensure that we got all the necessary information regarding your hunt,, as to enable us to assist you in achieve what you had bought from us… you dream, your hunt… We would like to invite you as client to talk as much with us regarding your hunt, things like accommodation, children, safety, medical, food sightseeing trips… there can be so many questions arising on the side of our clients it is impossible to address all these beforehand, so sent those questions in order to cancel all unwelcome surprises… we don’t want to start the first day on the wrong foot.

Red Ivory Safaris suggests that the price list not be the first place to start your investigation of a good outfitter.  The old adage of "The more it costs the better it must be" doesn't hold water just as you should never go with an outfitter just because he is cheaper than all of the others. 

Your safari is going to cost money and you don't want to throw it away on some substandard trophy or a hunt that was more of a nightmare than an experience.  Research everything.  When you are researching prices you should have in front of you the items and things that you want both in and out of your hunt.  Make sure that the prices cover these things and then contact the outfitter or agent directly and chat with him about the price list.  Then get it in writing. 

After looking at our prices and reading our Terms and Conditions page if you have any questions please drop us an email or call us so we can discuss them with you.  We do not hide any costs or surprise you with added expenses after you start your hunt.  You can contact us several ways which are described on our Contact Us page.

Please note that our prices, fees and conditions are a mere indication of what it should be, some of these are fix due to government application and certain fees that we need to pay, but as mentioned they a mere indication and the final information provided by the hunter or syndicate name of prospected hunt will dictate the final price in total for the hunt required.

Please note the Red Ivory safaris will provide food in excellence, good bottle wine and any other products for cuisine included in this statement, we do provide a certain standard for the hunt which include cuisine, equipment, trophy quality… reducing prices to a certain extent may have a direct impact of the overall quality, one thing we at Red Ivory safaris would not like to see.