Plains Game Information

Red Ivory Safaris prides itself in being unique in that we specialize in Dangerous Game hunting.  Not that we want to limit ourselves to just that focus of hunting but you want to strive to improve yourself to the best of your ability in which you excel in.  So with that in mind we try to be the best possible outfitter to our clients that we can be.

You could say that specializing in Dangerous Game hunting might be a drawback to our safari operation.  However it is the reverse.  While hunting for dangerous game highly exceptional Plains Game trophies are chanced upon and it is up to the client if they wish to take it or not.  If not then it is noted for our other clients. 

It is with this in mind that we do offer specific Plains Game hunting but with the thought that it will be for a trophy that is would exceed anything that you have on your wall now.  If you are a first time hunter then it will be a trophy that your fellow hunters would only be able to imagine taking. 

Because of these standards in our Plains Game trophy taking for our clients it might be that a few more hunting days could be required. 

We do both rifle hunting as well as bow hunting for Plains Game. 

You will see from our Price Lists that we are very competitive with other outfitters. Please email us with your requests and we will be more than happy to send you a quote on your safari.