Bow Hunting

The decision to hunt the Dangerous Game of Africa with bow should not be taken lightly. Dangerous Game of Africa are know as killers and it is not hearsay… this is true. If you are going to hunt Dangerous game, the more you know about it the better your changes will be of emerging unscathed.


Too much emphasis is placed on kinetic energy – this is not always a indicator of good penetration potential. Kinetic energy is scalar or non-directional in nature, and includes all the types of energy of a body motion. Kinetic energy has no direct bearing on penetration. Momentum however is the correct formula to measure the directional (in this case forward) “impulse” of a body in motion. It is the force exerted over a period of time in one specific direction – i.e. unidirectional force vector. In big, thick-skinned game, penetration is of vital importance and momentum is what provides it. Do not even consider using mechanical broadheads on these robust animals. A strongly constructed, one-piece broadhead with resharpenable blades is recommended. A two-blade, cut on impact broadhead has better penetration qualities than a three or four-blade model. Simmons Landshark with bleeders and Mussy 220 grain Phantom broadhead with bleeders have good potential as well. Have a shaft thinner than the ferrule of the broadhead and a strong, well-constructed broadhead with one or two blades which have a high mechanical advantage.

A very sharp broadhead placed on the right spot is however of at most importance above to have a bow of to high poundage, where the hunter have a problem using it to the full.

Please note that arrows tipped with mechanical-open-on-impact broadheads are at no circumstances allowed to hunt dangerous game, and should be avoided at all times, and one should use them only on plains game species. Please make sure that you have the right setup when using mechanical-open-on-impact broadheads.


The following could be an indicator to work on…

Dangerous Game:


Buffalo; Giraffe

For Buffalo it is strongly advised that you use a bow delivering minimum kinetic energy of 80 foot-pounds or more and an arrow weight of at least 700 grains. Ideally, the arrow for hunting buffalo should be heavy  880 to 900 grains.


Elephant; Rhino; Hippo

Minimum recommendations for a bowhunter intending to shoot one of these are a 90 pound draw weight bow, shooting an 800 – 900 grain arrow, delivering around 110 foot pounds kinetic  energy at a velocity of about 240 feet per second. Examples of some strong two-blade broadheads are Magnus 125 grain, Zwickey 160 grain, Steel Force 125 grain and Microtec 170 grain.



Use a bow delivering at least 65 foot pounds of energy and an arrow of 500 grains (minimum). Make sure you have a sight with good light-gathering qualities. Broadheads that work well are Muzzy 125 grain, Thunderhead 125 grain, Magnus 125 grain or Zwickeys. Two or three-blade broadheads work. An alert lion has quick reflexes so a fast arrow is advisable when shooting at a lion.



A Fast and quiet setup is advised when hunting leopard. Penetration does not present too much of a problem if you are using good-quality, razor-sharp broadheads. This is one instance where I strongly advise the fastest arrow you can shoot out of your particular bow. The extremely fast reflexes of the leopard make it necessary to shoot an arrow that will arrive in the shortest possible time and reduce the likelihood of wounding. You don’t, if you can help it, want to wound a leopard. Rather use a good broadhead than a mechanical/open-on-impact broadhead.


Big plains game

Eland; Kudu; Zebra; Wildebeest; Hartebeest;

These animals are big with solid muscle and bone structures. The skin is not as thick as that of buffalo or giraffe. The challenge will be to ensure that you get enough arrow penetration to effect double lung penetration. A Broadhead of strong construction will be required. Recommended broadheads are G5 striker, Zwickey Diamond Delta or Magnus, Grizzly or Thunderheads. Any efficient bow 60 pound a or more will be able to dispatch these species. A complete arrow weight of at least 500 grains is recommended. Don’t go too light. A heavier arrow having higher momentum will penetrate better through tissue and bone than a light arrow.


For medium and small plains game.

These animals are not particular tough animals. A relatively light bone structure will also not offer too much resistance to a sharp broadhead-tipped arrow. Any sharp broadhead of two or three blade configuration will work well on these species. Any bow of 45 pounds or more draw weight will be adequate when matched with a well-balanced and sharp, broadhead-tipped arrow.

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