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A note of understanding.....   Hunting with Red Ivory Safaris as a client you should understand that our PHs don't stand "ready times ten" to kill the clients animals for him.  Stories are common about PH’s boasting how they have had to kill a client's trophy for him. The only thing worse than bragging about shooting a client's animal is making a DVD about it for the international market. However, even more disturbing is for the animal to get away wounded because of the PH's reluctance to take a back-up shot after the client had failed to bring it down in the first place.

Hunting with Red Ivory Safaris the PH will wait the "time" one to three seconds needed to asses the impact of the clients shot, and then the follow-up shot before firing a back-up shot.  We are not talking about when a dangerous animal is charging.  At Red Ivory Safaris we will give the client the chance to bring a charging wounded animal down himself if possible.  If not, the Red Ivory Safari PH will take the shot for the safety of the hunter first as well as for others.  If you are hunting dangerous game you should be an accomplished hunter but it is good to remember that even "professionals" occasionally make a poor shot and it should not be looked upon as poor sportsmanship if another downs the animal for safety sake.   

We will pick you up at the air port and drive you personally to your hunting camp, after you had been settled in, you will give the change to set and sight in you rifles. We will then take you on a drive to familiarise you with the area you find your self in. From this point any trophy present itself, you may go for it if you wishes to do so. Each day will start before sunrise with an early breakfast, then we will go out for the hunt, If we are back in camp around 11:00 we will have a good and well balanced lunch/brunch, if permitted and the client wishes so a short nap/rest before the after noon’s hunt start, we then go out again at around 15:00. If we stay in the bush the whole day and not returning to camp, we will pack a box that is equally balanced for lunch/brunch. The client’s wishes will dictate the day’s events and proceedings. The day normally ends back at camp, where we will have a good log-fire to talk and discuss the day’s events. Dinner will be served in fashion, and a choice of wines will complement the meal.

Our years of experience in the professional hunting field permits us to give you the following tips: Bring a bolt action or a double rifle for Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant, Hippo a minimum calibre of 375 H&H. All calibres bigger then this are welcome. For lions, leopard and antelope and other medium game a calibre of 300 or 30-06 or in similar class will be sufficient. For dangerous game, 40 full metal-jacket cartridges as well as 40 soft-point cartridges are required. For medium game you will need at least 80 soft-point cartridges. Fit your rifle with a good quality scope that will be appropriate for the hunt and species you going to take.

We operate on a 220Volt system. We do have a Step-Down inverter system for your 110Volt equipment/re-loaders ext. We also have a few adaptors as ours might differ from the one’s you use back home.