Safari – The sun breaks the horizon, giving life to a new African day. To the hunter the dawn of a new day brings with it anticipation of adventure, excitement, the thrill of the chase.

Since the beginning of time in the vicious cycle of life and death, of killing and being killed, man in his quest for food and trophies has evolved as the supreme hunter.

Hunting is not only exhilarating and exciting, it is also dangerous. Many hunters in the past while on their quest for their ultimate trophy have been hurt, maimed and even killed and so will many others in the future. With Red Ivory Safaris you will have that chance to face your dream straight on, the decision will be yours, are you going to just shoot it, or give it a fair chance – it’s up to you.

In your quest for either a Plains Game hunt or a pursuit after Dangerous Game, a safari into Africa will take you up and away.  A safari into Africa will take you to places afar where only a few have ever had the privilege to experience this type of hunting.

This experience is what many a big game hunter or the “White hunter” starts writing about.   Experience hunting in Africa with Red Ivory Safaris the way it was done in the beginning...  standing your ground - facing the charge!

About us

Andre and Jacqueline have three children, the oldest Tamer 11 years, Numeri 8 years and our youngest a boy of 6 years… all family members share the same passion for the outdoors and enjoy nature, and spending time the bush.

For Andre growing up close to nature and at first with an air rifle and second came a .22 Rimfire there was no other destination than following footsteps and become a professional hunter working close with his team ensuring that his clients become friends in this venture of travelers seeking new horizons.

Jacqueline grow up on a farm in northern Namibia where elephants and lions were a common sight on the family farm. Her passion for the bush and its residents has ensure that she doesn’t wander of too far from the bush, and it is just how it happen that Andre wander of looking for new horizons that the two of them meet in the northern parts of Namibia… however they live no in the northern part of Kwa-Zulu Natal area close to the towns of Vryheid and Pongola, where most of the hunting is conducted.

The 2015 hunting season will set the mark on 20 years in the hunting business. Both Andre and Jackie believe that any hunting business in essence is truly a “people” business.  Although, the trophy, the hunt and the food play a very important role, it stay a people business, and will stay the most important part of any safari…

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Dangerous Game

Red Ivory Safaris is committed to ensure that you take your trophy back home. We will do what ever is needed to ensure that you just achieve this. We are very aware of age, gender and other circumstances amongst our hunter family. For this reason we are willing to cater for our clients to their own special needs and circumstances.  This is why we will do what ever is needed to accommodate you and apart from this, is to present you with the trophy you had come for.

Red Ivory Safaris is one of the best Dangerous Game Outfitters in Africa. Being a dangerous game outfitter and professional hunter, it simply means that you have lived through some dangerous situations while hunting dangerous game. So it follows that the more dangerous game hunts an outfitter and PH has been on the more experience he has gained. The outfitter for Red Ivory Safaris has experience in all dangerous game hunting, using various methods and weapons. Please contact Andre Wiese in this regard as he will give you first hand answers and information. You can read through a thousand web sites, and still don’t have the right answers.

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