Rhino (Ceratotherium simum) is far from extinct and because of the success story in the conservation of these animals they can now be hunted properly.  They are plentiful in reserves as well as game ranches throughout Namibia, South Africa and somewhat in Zimbabwe.  

Recently there has been a drive to dart rhino as opposed to the actual taking of the trophy.  Ranchers see this as a reusable income source and the conservationaly minded hunter see this as a somewhat less expensive way to get their trophy into the record books.  SCI has a category for darted Rhino entries.  The main difference is that you must be at least proficient with a dart rifle and you must get a lot closer to the animal because the lack of power of the dart rifle.  It is no doubt that this makes for a very exciting hunt. 

You can import your hunted trophy into the Untied States and Europe from South Africa and Namibia.  Those from South Africa require only a CITES export permit.  Those hunted in Namibia require both and import and export permit. 

The minimum score for SCI is 70 inches.  This is a measurement that is the length of the horns and the base added together. 

The minimum caliber for hunting is .375 magnum however it is best to start with a caliber .416 and larger.  A well placed shot behind the shoulder from less than 50 yards into the vitals will usually bring  the trophy down. 

Rhinos are not that easy to hunt.  Most Rhinos are sold to ranchers and only after many years are they allowed to be hunted.  Once on the ranch with hunting going on around them they become very elusive and can disappear right in front of your eyes despite their size.  They have very acute hearing and smell but have very poor eyesight.  The obverse can also be true when hunting them.  They can turn and charge in a manner that is akin to a buffalo with only one intent on their mind. 

Rhino prefer to graze in open busy savannahs with plenty of trees as shade.  They must also have a constant water supply.  

White Rhino can only be hunted in South Africa and Namibia.  Black Rhino have only a very limited amount of tags and is very expensive as well as a lot of planning goes into not only the permit work but also the pre hunt requirements as well.  If you wish Red Ivory Safaris can make the proper inquires and arrangements if tags are available.