Dangerous Game

Red Ivory Safaris is committed to ensure that you take your trophy back home. We will do what ever is needed to ensure that you just achieve this. We are very aware of age, gender and other circumstances amongst our hunter family. For this reason we are willing to cater for our clients to their own special needs and circumstances.  This is why we will do what ever is needed to accommodate you and apart from this, is to present you with the trophy you had come for.

Red Ivory Safaris is one of the best Dangerous Game Outfitters in Africa. Being a dangerous game outfitter and professional hunter, it simply means that you have lived through some dangerous situations while hunting dangerous game. So it follows that the more dangerous game hunts an outfitter and PH has been on the more experience he has gained. The outfitter for Red Ivory Safaris has experience in all dangerous game hunting, using various methods and weapons. Please contact Andre Wiese in this regard as he will give you first hand answers and information. You can read through a thousand web sites, and still don’t have the right answers.

A note of understanding.....   Hunting with Red Ivory Safaris as a client you should understand that our PHs don't stand "ready times ten" to kill the clients animals for him.  Stories are common about PH’s boasting how they have had to kill a client's trophy for him. The only thing worse than bragging about shooting a client's animal is making a DVD about it for the international market. However, even more disturbing is for the animal to get away wounded because of the PH's reluctance to take a back-up shot after the client had failed to bring it down in the first place. 

Description: Successful Elephant hunt - Red Ivory Safaris

Hunting with Red Ivory Safaris the PH will wait the "time" one to three seconds needed to asses the impact of the clients shot, and then the follow-up shot before firing a back-up shot.  We are not talking about when a dangerous animal is charging.  At Red Ivory Safaris we will give the client the chance to bring a charging wounded animal down himself if possible.  If not, the Red Ivory Safari PH will take the shot for the safety of the hunter first as well as for others.  If you are hunting dangerous game you should be an accomplished hunter but it is good to remember that even "professionals" occasionally make a poor shot and it should not be looked upon as poor sportsmanship if another downs the animal for safety sake.  

Description: Successful Buffalo hunt - Red Ivory Safaris

We would advise to read the book “The Perfect Shot” and also watch the DVD about the same book by Kevin Robertson. You will also be able to go through the book and watch the DVD once you are in camp. The book and DVD are available in camp, and we can forward you the book or DVD if required.

Description: Elephant herd - Red Ivory Safaris