About us

Andre and Jacqueline have three children, the oldest Tamer 11 years, Numeri 8 years and our youngest a boy of 6 years… all family members share the same passion for the outdoors and enjoy nature, and spending time the bush.

For Andre growing up close to nature and at first with an air rifle and second came a .22 Rimfire there was no other destination than following footsteps and become a professional hunter working close with his team ensuring that his clients become friends in this venture of travelers seeking new horizons.

Jacqueline grow up on a farm in northern Namibia where elephants and lions were a common sight on the family farm. Her passion for the bush and its residents has ensure that she doesn’t wander of too far from the bush, and it is just how it happen that Andre wander of looking for new horizons that the two of them meet in the northern parts of Namibia… however they live no in the northern part of Kwa-Zulu Natal area close to the towns of Vryheid and Pongola, where most of the hunting is conducted.

The 2015 hunting season will set the mark on 20 years in the hunting business. Both Andre and Jackie believe that any hunting business in essence is truly a “people” business.  Although, the trophy, the hunt and the food play a very important role, it stay a people business, and will stay the most important part of any safari…

We at Red Ivory Safaris believe that any hunting business in essence is truly a “people” business.  Although, the trophy, the hunt and the food play a very important role, it still is a business where the person is the most important aspect. 

Red Ivory Safaris strives in making a dream become a reality.  There are so many hunters who want to hunt Africa but don't want the PH do the hunting. So we are dedicated to seeing that your dream safari is all that you expected… and more. 

It is for this reason that it is very important to complete the  "Personal Information" form on the Forms page as best as possible.  This will enable us to offer and fulfill exactly what you had in mind.... YOUR safari - YOUR hunt.

We want to see all our clients leave our camp first of all as friends, more than satisfied and with
a sense of disconsolate in the heart... We want all our clients back on future hunts with us.

We are building life long friendships...


Red Ivory (Berchemia zeyheri)  is a well known tree. It is native to Southern - Africa. Occurring naturally from Zimbabwe in the north to the Eastern Cape in the south this tree can be seen growing in large numbers in forests, rocky areas, along rivers and streams and even on old termite mounds. Red ivory fruits are delicious.  These are eaten fresh or stored in containers.  

Description: Red Ivory Tree - Red Ivory Safaris

The fruit is sold in rural markets and is an important source of income for local people.  The sticky, sweet, dried fruits can last for several months without any processing.  The wood of this tree is very strong, durable, and takes paint and varnish well.  It is used for making furniture and other useful articles.  The bark yields a dye which is used dyeing fabrics.   

The wood is also good for making bows, walking sticks, small boxes and curios. It is believed that in KwaZulu-Natal the tree was known as the royal tree because only chiefs were allowed to carry knob-kerries (a stick with a rounded knob on one end) which was made from thetree. The hard and strong wood is regarded as a precious timber in Mozambique and is also used as fencing poles. Fibers and woven materials are dyed with an extract made from the bark to give them a purplish color. The powdered bark is also used to cure headaches when smoked and an extract from the inner part of the tree was used to relieve back pain